29 January 2008

Would you buy a factory farmed egg?

The other day I received an email informing me that good old Bill Gates was being frivolous with his fortune again - in fact he would share his ill-gotten gains with little old me if only I would forwrad this email to my friends so he could track it....it was in the paper so it MUST be true, according to this email.

I confess that for a giggle I did forward it to a couple of friends who I thought would share the joke, but then we - Hot-hubby and I - got talking about this kind of junk email. We all hate wading through it, and whilst most of us are savvy enough to know a con when we see one, not everyone is. Sad to say some people are taken in by these things and some times it's not just a few emails being sent out, it can be hard earned money. I've lost count of the number of times my soul would be saved/I would meet my true love/I would win riches beyond dreams if only I would do this or that according to the email.

My point is, we're all getting a bit hot under the collar about factory farming, egg production in particular, and if we can find it in our hearts to care for our feathered friends how about those unknown friends across the ether? In forwarding these spam emails we are our own worst enemies. We get them time and again because we send them time and again, perpetuating the problem. Let's call a stop to it. If everyone buying free range eggs means more chickens get to know life is more than a three foot cage then I figure the same can happen to spam. Conversely, we can kill it. Dear friends I know you love me and think of me often, I do not need a daft spam email to let me know, just send me one word. Hello!


Manic Mom said...

I HATE spam emails!

I also hate Blogging tags, so don't ever send me one! : )

And I know I need to add you to my blogging sidebar... but as you just noted in the comment to me, now you know how crazy it is and time-consuming blogging takes!

Good for you for giving it a go!

Now I have to read how the dieting goes, but I also have to get in the shower and run some errands! Talk later my friend!

Amanda said...

The diet (which is Not a diet, because as we all know diets are dangerous) is going well. It's a healthy eating plan and as such I have lost another 1.3kg or 2.86lbs.

mylhibug said...

Trust me ... Manic does not like blogging tags, I found that out the hard way, and my backside is still sore. :-)

No more SPAM email, I hate it all, and have started seeing repeat offenders, of a sort. So I will just say...


Melissa said...

I'm with you on the spam. If your really my friend don't make me send a worthless email to you and 50 of my friends...really just call me for a cuppa coffee.

I'll do meme's but only the ones I want to do. I think the word for that is fickle.

Good luck with the diet which isn't really a diet...wow, that's an awfully long name for a diet...

Amanda said...

Bug - thanks for the warning re- blog tags (don't know what they are and now I don't think I'll even ask!

Melissa - diet that isn't a diet aka Healthy Eating Plan or HEP

Hot-hubby just leaned in to say "OMG! Your getting comments!!"

Manic Mom said...

If hot hubby leans in again, give him a big old wet smooch from me!!!