26 January 2008

A New Blog is Born

So, here i am at the keyboard, typing at my very own blog. Hi Blog buddies!! I have taken the plunge after much nagging - sorry - encouragement from my good blog-buddy Steph. (Check her out at http://www.manicmommy.blogspot.com/ )

What to write? What to share? Should I worry about the blog-boggeymen out there? Come to think of it, will anyone actually read this? All questions I have been pondering for a wee while now, but, today's the day to take the plunge. My diet's going well, my visit to the hairdresser yesterday was not a disaster and things in general are looking up. So, as you are reading this please leave a comment and say "Hi!"


Kim Stagliano said...

Whoo hoo! Dibs on first! (That's a big deal over at Perez Hilton.) Welcome to the blogosphere my Haggis eating friend!


Manic Mom said...

Did you know you already made some poetry here... what to write, what to share... blog bogeyman out there.... dr. Seuss!

mylhibug said...


You have more comments for your very first post than I did for my first month of posts, combined.

Welcome to the blogosphere, I look forward to reading all about your adventures, etc.

Pictures would be cool too, I love Scotland because of it's beauty, I was only there over four or five days, some twenty years ago. Can't wait until I go back, it's been way too long.