28 April 2009


I'm on a roll. Not only have I faced my technofear demons to add the follower's button on here, today I blasted them and joined Facebook. So far I really can't see the point of it - the people who are my friends and wrote on my wall would know my email address and I got emails to say they had written on my wall and what they had written. So why do I need Facebook? They can just email me. I'm obviously missing something monumental.

By the way I'm on there as Amanda highland madness


Catherine said...

Too complicated for me. Haven't "got" facebook or any other of those things. I think i reached my technical pinical when the girls on the 3rd year history trip taught me how to do predictive text.

Amanda said...

CC I have been on facebook for a few days now and I'm still none the wiser!!

Michelle O'Neil said...

For me, sharing pictures on Facebook is fun. Also, there have been a few times when my gmail has been down, but I could still get e-mails sent on Facebook. I am hardly ever on it, but do like the back up option if need be.