16 April 2009

We have new arrivals

One of the many joys of having proper farmer friends is you get to help out with orphan lambs. Spot and not spot were chosen for the fact they have a distinguishing feature meaning I can identify them without naming them. They are not pets. They may be impossibly cute but they are not pets and someday in the not too distant future they will be taking a short trip to Munro's. After that they'll come home to live in the freezer....This is the thought I kept in the front of my mind when I was up at 6am in the freezing cold feeding them. They've just had a top up and spot is not gulping down quite as much as not spot but I'm hoping this will sort out and is not a bad sign. I have been warned they have a habit of dying on you before time.

So here they are

and here's not spot feeding

How cute is that? Now think rack of ribs and sunday roast....

We're hoping to swap lamb for bacon with Catherine who has one of these

and if we can get our fencing sorted we'll maybe produce our own next year.

Bear is in her element and is just delighted with the lambs. She was equally excited about Catherine's pig so maybe we have a budding farmer in the family. Her excitement was tempered with gentleness with the animals but the joy on her face was uncontainable.

Livestock means we have to get a stock trailer and I have to learn how to reverse it. I'm going to book a course so if you're wanting a good laugh, watch this space.

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