07 April 2009


Today was a good day. We went to Landmark Forest Theme Park and not only did we all have a good time, our visit was seizure free.

Last year we tried a visit, packing two extra pairs of hands as one does, and had a disaster with Scrumpy having a seven minute seizure at the top of a 30 foot high slide. we then had to carry her, post emergency meds and post-ictal, down the assault course that was the approach to said slide. Not fun at all.

Today we packed three extra pairs of hands and arrived feeling mildly confident that the park would not beat us this time to see the longest queue to get in you have ever seen. Scrumpy and Bear just about made it while we found a place to park, there was no way we were going to queue. Luckily I spotted a person who looked like they worked there. Actually she didn't but she did get the general manager out for me and he very kindly walked us right to the head of the queue (I can still feel those eyes burning into me. Oooooh the venom!) He actually remembered us from last year (still not sure if that's a good thing!) and offered to get us to the front of the line for one of their new activities. Not only that but he apologised for not being able to take us to the front of the waterslide for fear of being mobbed with complaints. I'll give him that one, it is very popular and we couldn't expect the red carpet everywhere!

Everything went brilliantly, even the promised heavy showers didn't materialise until we were driving home. The only snag was a Scrumpy special - the longest loudest and most demonstrable tantrum you have ever seen in your life. It started before we left the park and carried on for the whole hour driving home. at one point we had to pull over to calm her down and get her back in her seat. But, Bear coped well and did not retaliate.

Like I said, today was a good day.


Clare said...

Glad it was a good day. Do you remember the scrumpy strop you and me once had on the way back from trampolining and had to pull over on the duel cariageway cause she was out her seatbelt?

Amanda said...

Oh yes! Not much changes, just gets bigger and louder! LOL!!