02 April 2009

Oh the joys of Easter Holidays!!

Day six and I still have all my hair.

Last night we went swimming after Holiday club, much to Scrumpy's disgust. She really needed to go home first and then go but the "Disabled session" time meant we had to go from one to the other. She had a tantrum/meltdown all the way there (partly because we were NOT going to the aquadome, home of the guarnteed seizure) and then, after much persuasion to get out of the car, laid down on the door mat in reception. For half an hour, give or take.

I did my usual is she safe? Yes. Ignore it routine, much to the amusement of a mum sat at the other end. She completely understood, in a been there done that got the t-shirt kind of way, and the staff as usual were amazing. They followed my lead ignoring her and then when she calmed down one of the guys came over and asked if she wanted to go swimming.

"NO!!" as only scrumpy can

"OK" quite matter of factly and he walked away.

I love our leisure centre staff.

She did eventually get in the pool and had a great time. The staff ran the flume for her and then put all the water features on too. Just for us. Did I mention how much I love our leisure centre staff?

Bear was just delighted to be swimming again with Surfer Girl and Aussie.


Clare said...

Thats sounds great- when we come and see you next we will have to go swimming I have never been with the girls! Why is it the home of guaranted seizures-is it cursed or something? lol

Amanda said...

Scrumpy gets too excited, body and brain get too stressed and BINGO seizure central.

Think of us on Tuesday as we're going back to the forest theme park where She had a seven minute seizure at the top of a slide about 35 feet up. We're going fully loaded with three extra adults. 5:2? I'm hoping it'll be a good day

Clare said...

Hope it goes ok