14 April 2009

A sigh of relief and a bacon roll

Aahhh! That lovely feeling when term starts again, and my treat for the first day back - bacon roll for breakfast after they've gone. You all know how much I adore my girls but it is so good when they're in school, and they'll be going everyday except one until the end of June.

We had a lot of fun over the Easter break, in fact I would go so far as to say it was two weeks of fun and mayhem. We got out and about nearly every day and the weather was so good Scrumpy was paddling in the sea in bare feet on two days. Everyone else had waders or wellies on but she was in there, happy as a sandboy, gradually turning blue.

Now of course I have to catch up on all the jobs that didn't get done because I was bunking off, plus all the chaos because it was school holidays. Oh well, there's no such thing as a free lunch as they say so I s'pose I best get going.....swimming tonight followed by chips in the cafe.....more fun, Yippee!


Michelle O'Neil said...

Glad you had a wonderful break. Enjoy that bacon roll, whatever that is!

Amanda said...

What d'you mean? "what's a bacon roll?"!! It's dead simple and the best thing ever - apply two rashers of smoked locally produced bacon to George Forman grill, close lid and wait for delicious crispy state, then apply to split bread roll. Garnish with brown sauce and sliced tomato if desired.

Guaranteed to induce a smile